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Willow Sculpture

Museum of Outdoor Arts


willow structure using willow poles from The Willow Farm. 

MOA has commissioned German landscape architects Santfe Strukturen to build a signature living sculpture on the grounds of Samson Park adjacent to Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Greenwood Village. The structure will be constructed with dormant willow rods, based on the Sumerian reed constructions in Mesopotamia. Planted and sculpted over an armature to create a biodome 42’ in diameter and 18’ high, the willows take root and grow into a living sculpture over the course of several years.

Marcel Kalberer, principal architect of Sanfte Strukturen has the following statement on social ecology:

“ Working with this natural material is an attempt towards a living ecological architecture. This ecological goal should be accompanied with harmonious social living as well… we attempt to create architecture for everybody

– the planting of willow trees is very special with rewarding formations.

Weidenblume or “Willow Flower” is a site-specific sculpture designed for Museum of Outdoor Arts and the first American project by the German atelier.

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