Grassfed Lamb

Bay Area grass fed dorper lamb in clover For the past 15 years, we have been developing a beautiful flock of Dorper Sheep. Through the use of age-old management practices, we work with the animals’ natural instinct and eating habits to create a balanced and productive ecosystem. This accordance with the sheep, highlights the natural tenderness and delicate texture of the Dorper breed.

The Dorper is a hearty meat breed noted for its well developed carcass and excellent maternal qualities. The abundant supply of nutritious milk provided by the Dorper ewe combined with a diet of the natural clovers, grasses, forbs, and browse found at The Willow Farm, quickly produces a large robust lamb. These lambs produce little to no lanolin, as the Dorper is a hair breed (as opposed to wool). This provides for the lamb’s natural sweetness, while preventing the ‘gamey’ flavor usually associated with most lamb.

Find out what makes the Dorper Sheep the tastiest meat available, try our 100% grassfed lamb today! We currently offer Whole and Half Lamb Packages. Prices are $10.00 /lb for the Half Lamb Package and $9.50 /lb for the Whole Lamb Package. These packages are all processed in a USDA facility and are individually wrapped in accordance with the various cuts. We also provide whole lamb that is not packaged but still processed at a USDA facility and these are $8.00/lb. Check out our Lamb FAQs for more info.

We are currently have lamb available. Quantities are limited. Order today!!

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