How much space would the lamb occupy in my freezer?

Generally you can expect half a lamb to occupy 1 cu foot. Each cut is packaged separately, so you are able to rearrange accordingly.

What cuts should I expect to receive with my package?

Our current selection of cuts will include:

  1. Bone-in Leg roast
  2. Boneless Shoulder Roast
  3. Loin Chops
  4. Rib Chops
  5. Sirloin Steak
  6. Shank
  7. Riblets
  8. Neck Stew (Whole lamb package only)
  9. Offal (Available upon request)

How are the individual cuts packaged?

All cuts are vacuumed packed and frozen.

Where are your lambs slaughtered and processed?

We currently send our lambs to Superior Farms in Dixon, CA. They are a USDA certified facility.

What is the best way to cook my lamb?

Please visit our Recipe Page for ideas