Heritage Pigs

The latest addition to our cast of livestock here at the Willow farm are our stock of heritage pigs. Currently we are undertaking the process of breeding a genetically robust stock of pigs from the somewhat dismally inbred situation that currently threatens the survival of many heritage pig breeds. As stock increases and breeding produces a hardier more healthy pig, we will be offering for sale live pigs with the option to slaughter.

Aside from the breeding perspective, we have also put a great deal of thought and action into what the pigs are being fed. As many a pork connoisseur will tell you, the feed which is given to a pig has a large impact upon the resulting meat quality and flavor. Fed with willow, locally available seasonal foodstuffs and given significant area amongst the willow groves in which to browse for roots and grubs, these pigs are sure to make a fine choice for the production of high quality, tasty pork products.